Below is a collection of statements from dancers, studio owners, teachers, and parents regarding everything from masterclasses, convention classes, choreography, and What It Takes Intensives! To submit your own testimonial, email Christina@ChristinaGrady.com!


“My experience at What It Takes has been nothing short of incredible. Christina has incredible knowledge to share and dozens of life lessons for us dancers to take away. It’s not only her passion for dance and desire to teach that’s inspiring, but the positive learning environment that she creates that gives us an opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them. Christina has packed an outstanding amount of variety and challenge into her WIT intensive, allowing dancers to receive the maximum amount of training and expertise that will last a lifetime. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow with Christina, and I can’t wait to take these life lessons to the real world!

- WIT Chicago 2018 Participant

"An absolutely incredible night! Christina this was more than just a class... it was a FULL experience and awesome peek into your world! We can't wait to have you back!"

                                                                                                                                                                    -Intermix Dance Co.

"Great class with invaluable knowledge for those wanting to further their dance career. Thanks Christina!"

-Jennifer D.

"So inspirational for the girls!! Awesome advice and a great role model for them! Representing STL well!"

-Jenny B.

My daughter has has the privilege of taking numerous masterclasses with Christina!She is a wonderful inspiration & role model & teaches young dancers about the entertainment industry. She encourages them to follow their dreams!

-Kim B.

"Huge thanks to Christina for bringing her What It Takes intensive to our studio!! These kids improved so much in one weekend and had a blast!! Can't wait to have you back girl!!"

-Amy R.

"First I want to say that I love working with Christina! She is very supportive! I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to work with someone who is in the Industry, can be upfront, and is so knowledgeable about what she does. I very honored that I have gotten to take many classes from Christina through masterclasses, Dance League and What It Takes! I hope to continue to take more classes from her in the future!!!" 

-Aaliyah B.

"Awesome day of learning with Christina Grady! She challenged our girls with a new competition routine and they kicked butt!"

-Amy C.

"My experience at What it Takes was amazing. First off, Christina is such an inspiring woman in the dance industry, and being able to learn and work with her was an honor. My favorite part overall was being able to listen to her stories about how she was able to make her way into the industry. It helped me learn so much about how it all works and how certain qualities can get you pretty far into your career. The entire weekend was filled with information that can help me for the rest of my life, whether I become a professional dancer or not. I'm so thankful to learn so much from Christina and all the other dancers that were there by my side. I will never forget that weekend and the amazing experience I was able to be apart of. Thank you everyone so much for preparing me for my future. I loved What it Takes, and many other dancers would too (:"

-Megan M.

"Thank you for sharing your love for dance with us! We loved every minute!"

-Dance Trance


"This experience (What It Takes) has been a life-changing one x1000!! Resume writing, professional head shots, tour choreography, music video choreography, a commercial shoot, acting seminar, freestyle, showcase and I can't forget about the guest speakers and agency Q&A's!! Some things which I have taken away from this course include how crucial it is to be able 'serve' in all areas of dance, even Fosse, as well as holding knowledge for the fundamentals of each dance style!! From this, we learned why successful, working dancers are where they are now, and it's because of their work ethic, authenticity in terms how they brand themselves on the outside and, most importantly, on the inside, and maintaining connections and relationships with people in the industry. So, you can see why Christina is a LIVING LEGEND over here in L.A!!!!!! Thank you to the most diverse, inspiring, educated, 'prepared Pammy' phenomenon for all that you provided us with!!! This has guided me to form a path where all I can do is be the best dancer I can be and the best version of me!! Thank you so much again!"

-Luella H.

My daughter's quote: "Best Class Ever!"

-Courtney C.

"I loved What it takes because it gave me a new perspective of what the professional dance world was in reality. What it Takes taught me many things that I didn't know that were going to be essential in my future dance career. I'm really glad I got the chance to experience this intensive because it definitely will benefit my future!" 

-Somo H.

"I loved What It Takes because it created great opportunities and experiences for me to learn how the dance industry works. I love how Christina Grady demonstrated what it takes to become a professional dancer. I also loved the guest speakers because they taught me what I need to know about auditions, tour choreography and agencies!" 

-Sophie K.

"Your class was phenomenal and insanely inspiring. You rock!"

-Samantha M.

"My daughter's favorite choreographer!"

-Tiffany T.

"Thank you Christina for a wonderful weekend! My child gained so much being part of "What It Takes"! Great experience and a wealth of information regarding the dance industry, commercial shooting, and much more that will help her greatly in her dance future! Can't wait for the next time!"

-Linda D.

Thank you to the amazing Christina Grady for an awesome weekend at What It Takes! I learned so much about the industry and little tips and tricks to use when auditioning or filming. Come back soon!

-Anna B.